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How and When to Map Drives

How To Map Network Drives

On DHS Zscaler systems, there is a CMD file called MapMyDrives that will map the drives for you if you double click on it.

Map My Drives command shortcut

When on the Domain, drives should map when the person logs into the computer. The Security Groups or Group Policies are added to determine the drives the person can access. In this case, if they do not map, the person should log off and sign back in, as their profile may not have loaded correctly on first login.

To Manually Map a Drive

Open File Explorer

Select the Computer Tab

Map network drive

Screenshot of path from File Explorer, to the Computer tab, to Map Network Drive.

Next, Select the Drive Letter

Selecting the letter of the drive to map

Then, enter the path to the Folder you wish to connect to.

If someone needs to manually map a drive, they can request the path from TC Support by opening a ticket.

When to Map Drives

If on the Zscaler system, the person will need to run (double click) the CMD file every time they log into computer, or if they have an interruption in connection, they will need to run it again.

If working in TCITGateway, the person may need to manually map some of their drives.