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A growing list of articles for all our products. Topics include updates, tricks & how-to, as well as accessibility.

April Update

During the beginning of this year, Adapt hasn’t had a lot of updates outside of bug fixes. In April that changed, and changed in a big way. 12 new themes Today we’re launching a series of new themes I’m calling “boxed” due to the design of the centered box that all content lives in. I […]

Accessibility Means Usability

Accessibility means many things.  Available.  Easy to use.  Understandable.  The list goes on.  It can more specifically mean usable by people with disabilities.  For CPM E-Business, we focus on digital accessibility.    Accessibility Happens Everywhere  Here are a few examples:  Online  Sporting events  Schools  Parking garages  Sidewalks  With TV shows and movies  So many other places!  […]

Academic Tech Expo 2019 Review

The University of Oklahoma’s (OU) Academic Tech Expo (ATE) 2019 was held last week. This two-day event, hosted by the University of Oklahoma’s (OU’s) Information Technology, Libraries, Center for Teaching Excellence, and Office of Digital Learning departments, offers sessions covering various services available at OU, demos and hands-on workshops, tours of the Innovation Hub, how […]


September Update

September’s almost over and the weather is beautiful (for now, right?). It’s been a busy month and it’s time catch everyone up on the changes that have happened in Adapt in the past month. New Theme: Cerulean Material We’ve got a new blue theme, Cerulean Material, now available for use. The theme uses a design aesthetic […]

Office Location Guide

Why is Office Location important? Office location is used by training facilitators to determine when lodging is needed for a training. If the correct office location is not selected in a user’s profile, it could cause the worker to receive a lodging reservation that is not long enough or no lodging at all. Office location […]


Positioning Pins in the Hot Graphic

For all the polish found in the Adapt Authoring interface, there are a few spots that expose the underlying HTML, CSS and JavaScript. None of these is quite so obvious as the pins in the Hot Graphic component.  This article will give you a handy technique for quickly positioning the pins. Keep in mind that […]