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How to use PDF Creator

Log into Zscaler. Alfheim can be used as a backup. Once you are in Zscaler or Alfheim, open the Windows Start menu.

Windows Start Menu

Look up PDF Creator.

Finding PDF Creator in the Start Menu.

Open PDF Creator. It should open to the Home page of the application.

PDF Creator Home Screen

Go to Profiles and open Output Format. Click on the PDF to change the format.

Profiles, Modify Settings: Output Format. Click on the PDF symbol.

Change the Output to TIFF for later output into ALC and OnBase. Click Ok.

Profiles, Modify Settings: Output Format, changing the PDF to TIFF

Click Output Format again and verify that the settings for TIFF files are Colors at 16 Million Colors (24 Bit). Change the Resolution (DPI) to 150 as shown. Click Ok to save.

Set the Profile to the <Default Profile> and click Save.

saving changes to default profile

Click Printer. Make sure Printer says Adobe PDF – Batch. Check the box for Primary printer. Select <Default Profile> in the drop down menu.

Making Adobe PDF – Batch the Primary Printer for Default Profile

Go to the first document you wish to put in the PDF Creator. Select Print file.

Printing the first file

Select Adobe PDF – Batch as the Printer to send the document to the PDF Creator. Click Print.

Print dialog for first document. Make sure Adobe PDF - Batch is selected as the Printer.

The document should appear in the PDF Creator.

Document filename loaded into PDF Creator.

Open the second document that you would like to merge with the existing document in the PDF Creator. This is often a cover sheet. Click Print file.

Selecting the print the second document

Select Adobe PDF – Batch as the Printer to send the document to the PDF Creator. Click Print.

Print dialog for second document. Adobe PDF - Batch is selected as the printer.

You should see a quick Progress window for a few seconds.

progress bar

When PDF Creator opens, in the Merge dropdown option, a green 2 will appear in the top right corner, indicating that there are two documents in the PDF Creator to merge. Click Merge.

The PDF Creator window has a green 2 over merge, showing two documents can be merged

In the Merge and Reorder Window, select the documents to merge by clicking the checkbox next to them.

To reorder the documents, click Sort. Click and drag them in the correct print order, top to bottom.

Reorder and Merge Print Jobs Window
Reordered documents

Once the documents are in the preferred order, click Merge All. 

Click Continue after the files have merged.

Clicking on Merge All

Rename the file if necessary. Click Save.

Renamed merged file in PDF Creator

Open the document using a photo viewer, like Windows Photo Viewer, to check if it all looks correct.

Opening the document in a photo viewer to verify everything is correct
Click OK