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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Understanding the Progress Bar

The progress bar appears in multiple places throughout the LMS, including the Current Learning block and transcript page. The progress bar has three possible statuses: not yet started, in progress, and complete. When the progress bar is in the ‘not yet started’ status, the bar will appear grey.

Grey progress bar indicating not yet started status

A learner’s status will remain ‘not yet started’ until the system recognizes that they have completed at least one element within a course. If the course solely consists of a seminar activity, the progress bar will remain in the ‘not yet started’ status until the learner has been marked as ‘attended’ for the seminar. If the course consists of multiple activities that need to be finished before a learner can complete the course, the progress bar status will update to ‘in progress’ as soon as the first activity has been completed. The progress bar will remain in the ‘in progress’ status until all the activities in the course have been completed.

half filled progress bar indicating in progress

Once all the required activities within a course have been completed, the course will update to the final status ‘completed.’ The completed status is indicated by a fully green progress bar.

Full green progress bar indicating completion

You may notice a not yet started bar on a course you are sure you have finished. this is due to your progress being archived or your completion being imported and marked in the LMS as a previous completion. this does not mean you did not complete the course it only signifies that your course completion is either not current, int the case if a certification, or the completion has been stored because of a change to the course. Your completion can be viewed in your transcript by viewing previous completions.