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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Text Formatting

It’s important to avoid using variations such as bold, italics, underlining, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and colored text alone to convey meaning. Many users, including users who are color blind or assistive technology users, will not get equivalent information from the font appearance.

To remove font formatting that has been bolded, italicized, colorized, etc., highlight the text and click on the Clear formatting button in the HTML editor. All formatting, except heading structure, will be removed and the default font format will be restored. This is an important step to do with all text that has been pasted from other places.

Improper pasted content with multiple formatting issues
Remember that pasting any lists, bullets, or tables from Word or other apps may cause other unrelated formatting issues or the formatting will not continue in Totara. However, it may carry other formatting as well, so it is best to paste and match formatting.

corrected formatting but other problems remain
Reserve underlined text for hyperlinks since this is a web convention people are familiar with. Using underlined text for non-link purposes may cause confusion for all users. By default, the LMS handles link formatting properly so there is no need to add an extra underline through special formatting. Use the “create hyperlink” button to make any links to anchors, pages or other content.