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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Find and Start a Course

Our new learning management system is smart enough to know what training should be available to you. We use a feature called programs to group and organize courses for you to take based on your service area and position or role.

You are also able to search for courses one by one through a list or quickly view all program titles by using the Find Learning menu item found on the right side of the menu bar.

Screenshot of the find learning link clicked from the menu bar

When a program has been assigned to you, it will appear on your Dashboard at the top center of the page in the Current Learning section. There you can quickly see courses and progress made on them.

Screenshot of the disclosure chevron next to a program

You can open each program and see what the contents are by using the disclosure chevron.

Screenshot of the program expanded on the dashboard page

You can also select the title and it will open a complete view.  This page includes any deadlines, restrictions or prerequisites as well as an entire view of all courses within the program.

Screenshot of a program viewed on its own page

Once you have found a course that you would like to take, select it and you will be taken to a description page that has further details on the course as well as an enroll button.

Screenshot of a course with a button for launch or enroll

Some of the courses will ask you to confirm that you would like to launch the course after enrolling. This will open the external course content in a new window.

Screenshot of an example course that has been launched

When you finish, exit the course and the site will update your completion. There will be a short notification message while this transaction takes place.

Screenshot of the confirmation message on the LMS

Any courses and all classes that have a scheduled meeting will take you directly to the course page in the LMS. Here you can complete the course according to the instructions the instructor has provided. The course will often consist of multiple elements that you will have to interact with by signing up for a class, taking a quiz, or completing some other type of activity.

Screenshot of a sample course with multiple events

To exit the course and go back to your LMS homepage, select the dashboard link or click the DHS Learning icon at the top of the page to take you back to the primary LMS screen.

Screenshot of the site logo dashboard link circled