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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Audio with Text Transcripts and Captions

Audio files

Videos and Audio will be handled by a custom built plugin. Each media file will require a poster image, .VTT caption file, and .TXT transcript file. The files will be hosted elsewhere and then linked to within the plugin.

Do not upload audio files or add them as a resource activity. They will not meet accessibility.

The Transcripts provide a textual version of an audio recording and are useful to everyone. Transcripts are provided in a separate file from the video or audio resource. Learners may prefer to listen to the recording and then use the transcript for review later. Transcripts are searchable and provide everyone with flexible use of audio content.

As we are following WCAG AA standards, we are providing captions with the audio files as well. This will mean that there is a minimum 24-hour turn around by EBIZ on adding captions if you have not included them yourself.