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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Condition: Activity Completion

Every Activity will have its own set of completion requirements to show that they are complete. However, you can make some activities required as part of the course completion requirements and others only matter for moving through the course or for scaffolding.

Every activity, including resources and seminars, will be listed in this section. If you have a completion requirement for an activity, it does not by default make that a necessary completion for the course. You must manually tell the course that you would like that to count toward the course completion.

The Seminar activity is a unique one that can cause some trouble because of the way it is graded. When you have a Seminar activity, you will need to ensure that the attendance record was completed and the user was marked. This is not automatic and the user by default cannot mark themselves as completed.

You can make as few or as many activities as you like “required” for course completion. The user will be able to track their progress on the sidebar when inside the course. So if they are missing sections, they can quickly see what activities they still need to complete to get full credit.