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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

The Front Page

The Menu

The menu is where you will find primary navigation tools. you will see the Dashboard link that will always bring you back to your home screen. The Transcript link and your Find Learning link that you will use to search for any courses.The Need help link is also included and it will bring you right back here to the solutions site.

Totara Dashboard with menu hi-lighted

The Sidebar

The Sidebar is mostly used for administrative tools but there are things for you as well. The first section you will see is the last course accessed section where you can quickly click back to your last course you were using. The very bottom section is the administration section is where you can unenroll or perform other tasks we will mention later if you are an editor.

Totara Dashboard with sidebar circled

Current Learning

The current learning section will always the primary block on the page. this section is dynamic and will update with courses that you are enrolled in.  It will only contain courses that are either required or you have actively enrolled in by clicking the enroll me button on a course that you have access to.

Totara Dashboard with current learning section of page circled


The breadcrumb section is really interesting because it works like a trail of where you are in the site. Instead of using the back button you can click a link further back in the breadcrumbs to get back to your course if fo instance you are in an seminar or a similar activity.

Totara Dashboard with breadcrumbs section circled


Blocks are sections of the site that contain different types of information. Some will contain simple information like the help block, while others will contain complex or dynamic information like the calendar or the messages block.

Totara Dashboard with sample blocks circled