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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Trainers – How to Manage Seminars

Once you are in your course, find your seminar activity. There may be multiple events in the seminar. Be sure you are looking at the proper one by checking the dates on the left side of the seminar activity. If the date has passed, you will need to select the View all events link.

Screenshot of seminar with view all events circled

Screenshot of all events shown including past events

Once you have found the correct event, select the Attendees link on the right of the activity.

Screenshot of event interface with Attendees circles

Here you can manage the event. This includes adding or removing attendees, changing room details, messaging users or printing sign-in sheets.

Screenshot of events view with tabs and edit icons circled

On the bottom of the page, there is an option to download a PDF sign in sheet in different formats. You can produce this in landscape or portrait for your convenience. The sign in sheet will include a header with event information. This allows you to print or download multiple events and not get them confused.

Screenshot of event view with export functions circles

After the event time has passed, you can take attendance on this screen as well. By selecting the take attendance tab you will see a list of attendees.

Screenshot of event view with take attendance circled

You can mark each one or multiple at once as either: fully attended, partially attended, or did not attend. Be sure to save the changes before navigating away from this page.

Screenshot of attendance tab with controls circled

To exit and go back to your LMS homepage, select the dashboard link or click the DHS Learning icon at the top of the page.

Screenshot of DHS logo and dashboard link circled