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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Classes, Webinars, and Meetings

Some of your courses may contain a Seminar event. These events may have attendance requirements to complete the course. Your instructor will let you know if that is the case.

Screenshot of a course with a seminar activity circled

The seminar will often have a list of events. These are different times that the class or meeting will be offered.

Screenshot of a seminar with the events circled

To sign up for an event, select the Sign-up link for the appropriate event and confirm on the next page by selecting the Sign-up button.

Screenshot of a seminar with the signup link circled

Choosing default  of send email with iCalendar appt

There are times you will have a confirmation sent to your supervisor. In this situation, the event will not show on your calendar until your supervisor approves your attendance.

Once you confirm, you will be taken back to the course page where you can continue your work on activities.

To exit and go back to your LMS homepage, select the dashboard link or click the DHS Learning icon at the top of the page to take you back to the primary LMS screen.

Screenshot of the site logo dashboard link circled