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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Course Requirements

There are 3 primary types of courses we will be creating:

  • Seminar Course

    • Contains only a seminar activity.
      • This could be a meeting, a live training, webinar, Lync meeting, or any other event that requires people to sign up and attend some sort of synchronous activity.
  • Blended Course

    • Contains a seminar activity, forum, or chatroom, as well as other activities to complete in addition to the synchronous event.
      • This type of course will contain multiple activities, including synchronous events or interactive events such as a chatroom or a forum that requires interaction with others.
  • Online or Asynchronous Course

    • Contains activities that have no timing or synchronous activities.
      • The course is taken at the learner’s own pace and does not require any interaction from a trainer or facilitator of any sort.

All courses will have minimum requirements, such as a feedback activity or a certificate that are not mentioned above. This means that a seminar activity will likely contain a certificate and feedback activity but the core content of the course is simply a seminar activity.