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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Course Creation Workflow

This is a simplified workflow to building your course. Every course will have different elements and may or may not contain all of these elements, so use the additional style guides as reference and the internal documentation for any specific needs.

  1. Course request is made to project manager
  2. Project made in Asana
  3. Course kickoff meeting or other launch meeting is held to gather requirements for course.
  4. Course writer hands off storyboards to developers
  5. Request new Course shell from help desk
    1. Help desk Creates new course shell
      1. Course shell is placed into Misc category to work on and is labeled “[Under Construction]”
      2. Editors are granted access to course and given permission to edit
  6. Instructional Designer build SCORM package in ADAPT
  7. Editors can work in Totara and build native Totara elements
    1. Contact help desk for
  8. Course completion requirements set
    1. all Course Completion requirements set
  9. All Restrictions on activities or topics set
    1. We prefer using topic restrictions
  10. Email sent to Help desk asking for Course to be checked
    1. Helpdesk does sanity check for completion and restrictions issues.
    2. Check activities for grading and completion issues
  11. Beta review
    1. Helpdesk will add any new editors who need access
  12. Revisions made
    1. Repeat steps 10-12 as necessary.
  13. All clear given, help desk will remove “[Under Construction]” and ask what audience and visibility settings are needed.
    1. Place course into proper course category
    2. Assign to proper audiences enrollment
    3. Assign visibility
    4. Place in program/certification
    5. Turn on self enrollment
  14. Course is LIVE