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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

SCORM Package Settings

Settings for a SCORM Package

Uploading a SCORM package should be a simple task of placing your course into edit mode and adding a new SCORM activity or while in Edit mode dragging and dropping a SCORM .zip file onto the course where you would like it to be placed. a dialogue will confirm that you are in-fact placing a SCORM package and not placing a resource file for users to download.

Once you have placed your package you have settings to change in the SCORM settings administration panel.


First you will have to name the package. this will be the name that the learner sees in the course as the title of the activity. No other changes need to be made to the general section.


You will need to make changes to 2 sections inside of the appearance section of the settings. to do this first you will need to click the show more… link to expand the section to reveal all the options.

The first change will be to “Display package”. This will need to be changed to “New window (simple)”.

display package setting changed to new window simple and circled in red

The Second change will be to:

  • Uncheck display activity name
  • Disable preview mode to “yes”
  • Display course structure in player to “hidden”

Display settings corrected with red outline around changed settings.

Completion Settings

These settings have settings specific to our Adapt courses. if you are using a different authoring tool please consult the LMS manager.

  • Completion tracking
    •  Choose – Show completion when conditions are met
  • Require view
    • Check box
  • Require minimum score
    • Check the disable box
  • Require status
    • Only check Completed
  • Do not use expect completed on field

completions settings changed and circled in red

The below image outlines all the proper settings to check yours against.

All SCORM settings changed in one image and all changes circled in red