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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Audio Activity Workflow

Before you begin you will need:

  • The Audio file (.wav or .mp3 is preferred)
  • A .txt or .rtf file for your Transcripts
  • A .vtt file for your Captions
  • An image file for a poster image that users will see before they play the video
  1. Turn editing on.
    turn editing button circled
  2. Find the correct topic/section.
  3. Select the +Add an activity or resource button.
    add activity button circled
  4. Select the Audio plugin and select the “add” button.
    audio activity chosen from activity picker dialogue
  5. Give your Audio activity a name and a description.
     name and description settings from settings page
  6. Set the width and height or leave them at the default if you do not know the exact dimensions. 
    width and height settings from settings page
  7. Procure your 4 necessary files. they must have the proper extensions otherwise the plugin will fail.
    1. Audio FIle (.WAV, .MP3)
    2. Poster image (.PNG)
    3. Transcript (.TXT, .RTF)
    4. Captions (.VTT)
  8. Place or upload the 4 files into the “Audio Assets” section
    1. All four files are required for meeting WCAG accessibility guidelines. 
       four files shown uploaded from file uploader in settings page
  9. Set your restrictions, completions and other common settings. 
     Restrictions and Completions requirements on settings page
  10. Select the “Save and display” button.
    save and display button circled