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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Clickable Area

The Clickable Area control is used to replicate the behavior of button when the standard Button element cannot achieve the appearance of the existing UI. Note that all clickable areas will trigger evaluation and will advance the screen if the learner has correctly entered all information.

The Clickable Area appears as a gray box in the editor but is completely invisible on the learner’s view unless focused.

General Settings
Accessible Name
The visual label that appears on the button.
This name must be meaningful to the user and should replicate the visible label in the underlying screen shot.
Controls the size of the control and position of the control on the screen.


With the control selected and focused in the Editing Canvas, you can press the right, left, up or down arrows to nudge the control one pixel in the direction pressed.

Holding the control key while pressing one of the arrows will resize the control in the direction pressed by one pixel.

Holding shift will cause the nudge or resize to scale by 10 pixels instead of 1.