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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Video Activity Use

Any video that will be used in the course that you are creating should be added as a separate activity using the Video activity.

There are ways to embed video or link to video outside of the LMS but we are not in control of external content. This means we cannot monitor updates, content or other problematic areas. Outside video will not always behave properly in Totara either, with many popular sites Totara will strip any extra code appended to the link that would control size, timestamps, or other variables.

The Video plugin that we have provided allows us to ensure the video has captions, a transcript, and an accessible video player. These features makes the video plugin perfect for our uses.

Tracking completion is also possible with the plugin. Instead of just tracking if a user clicked a link we are receiving a completion only when the video has completed 95% of its playtime. this accounts for ending credits that we do not want to force a viewer to watch to receive a completion written to the LMS.