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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Peer Consult

It is always a good idea to have a peer look at a course structure to make sure it makes sense to others. Don’t explain to them what you intend to do. Let them explore it and ask them specific questions on areas you are unsure about afterwards. Specifically ask them if they had trouble following your course or of there were places that they got lost.

When evaluating another’s course, be sure to do so in learner mode by switching your user to a learner or having them enroll you as a learner.

It’s important to remember that it is impossible to do this sort of testing yourself. You will need external validation to know if what you are building is functional. Building a partnership with fellow developers, writers, and content creators will help you build your own skills and expand your tools and creative palette, so it’s a benefit to you as well to see how others are building and writing.

While a course is in development, feel free to use test learner accounts as well to actually go through the course. When we publish the course and enroll learners all the existing data will be erased and the test records will not be part of any report.

If you need a testing user for our workgroup please contact the CPM helpdesk.

EBIZ will be performing an accessibility check and a functionality check before a course goes live as well as a removal of any existing completions or grades generated from testing.

Our course creation workflow will have you creating on the development site where you can get other trainers and course creators to look at your course and evaluate it before the course is packaged and restored into the production site. This will be covered in detail in the Editing Trainer Activity Guide and Best Practices pages.