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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

External Content

External content can be any material that is not part of the text or activities in Totara. PDFs, Word documents, Excel files, or any other type of file that the user needs can be uploaded to the site. External content can include any websites or media that is linked to as well.

By default, any new content in Totara always opens in the same window. Content external to Totara, such as a PDF or an external website, opens in a new window. Remember that consistency will make course navigation better for all learners, but especially for learners who are new to the learning management system or those who are utilizing assistive devices.

Videos and Audio will be handled by a custom built plugin. Each media file will require a poster image, .VTT caption file, and .TXT transcript file. The files will be hosted elsewhere and then linked to within the plugin.

Do not upload audio files or add them as a resource activity. They will not meet accessibility.

All of our content, including SCORM Package content and video, are required to be compliant. We also need to be aware of our responsibility to maintain accessibility standards on any files or resources we use or link to in Totara. All files uploaded to a course or media that we use on the site must meet WCAG 2.0. All content will need to be remediated before a course is published.