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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Update Your Profile and View Transcript

In this new Learning Management System (LMS) it is possible to update your profile with a picture as well as maintain other information you have been asked to update.

If you’re in the DHS HR system, most of the information is maintained for you and will be locked. If this information is inaccurate please contact your supervisor to make changes.

You can reach your profile by selecting your name in the menu bar at the upper left of the screen. In the pulldown select the Profile option.

Screenshot of the user profile menu pulldown
You can do many things from your profile page, including view your Record of Learning, see a list of courses you are currently enrolled in, or view upcoming events.

Screenshot of the user profile page
Screenshot of the user profile page with current learning circled
In the user profile section, you can select Edit profile to enter an edit mode that allows you to edit any customizable feature of your profile.

Screenshot of a section of the page showing the edit profile link
When you edit your profile, there may be empty fields that are required. These fields are marked with a red star and will need to be completed before you can save your changes.

Screenshot with required fields circled
When you are finished viewing and making any changes, select save at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes.

Screenshot of end of the fields with the save button circled
In the My Learning section, you can select the Record of Learning link to see your progress in all courses that you are currently enrolled in on one simple page.

Screenshot of the Current learning screen report
The Course Details section of the page will list all the courses you are enrolled in. These are not links to the courses. Selecting these links will open extra sections if there are deadlines, sessions, or events that are available inside of that particular course.

Screenshot of the courses section of the page
Screenshot of the results of clicking the course links with new sections circled

To exit your profile and go back to your LMS homepage, select the dashboard link or click the DHS Learning icon at the top of the page to take you back to the primary LMS screen.

Screenshot of the site logo dashboard link circled