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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Logging in and Changing Your Password

When you go to for the first time, it will likely be when you follow a link from an email that was sent to you from the site itself.

Screenshot of the homepage and login screen of the LMS
When transferring your account to this site, we generate a temporary password for you to use. You will receive an email from the site informing you of your username, your temporary password, a link to the site, and instructions to login and change your password.

Screenshot selection of the email containing username link and pasword
Copy the password to your clipboard. You will use this password once to login and again to confirm the change to your new password.

Screenshot showing the temp password hilighted
Now, select the link that takes you to the site’s homepage and you will be instructed to login using your provided username and temporary password.

Screenshot of the login screen typed in
After you log in, you will be asked to create a new password. It will need to be at least 6 characters long, have an upper- and lower-case letter, and a number.

Screenshot of the new password confirmation
Once you have confirmed your new password, you can use it to enter the site at any time from any device.

To reset a forgotten password, you can use the Forgotten your username or password? link found underneath the login fields.

Screenshot of login screen with forgotten password link circled
Use the Search by email address field to have an automated message sent to your email. The email will contain instructions to reset your password.

Screenshot of the search by email address page circled
Screenshot of the conformation to send email for a forgotten password