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LMS User's Guide version 10.1


From Totara:

The feedback activity module enables a teacher to create a custom survey for collecting feedback from participants using a variety of question types including multiple choice, yes/no or text input.

Feedback responses may be anonymous if desired, and results may be shown to all participants or restricted to teachers only. Any feedback activities on the site front page may also be completed by non-logged-in users.

Feedback activities may be used:

For course evaluations, helping improve the content for later participants

To enable participants to sign up for course modules, events etc.

For guest surveys of course choices, school policies etc.

For sensitive surveys in which students can report incidents anonymously

“Feedback” and “Survey” are similar activities. They are most popularly used in providing end-of-course feedback but the “Feedback” activity allows a completely customized experience. With the “Survey” activity, you are limited to a pre-written and standardized set of responses. Feedback allows more options to use throughout the course so that you can use a series of feedback activities to collect responses and bugs during a testing phase or a beta review.

Each tester/reviewer can provide feedback directly into Totara without having to travel to a single location or at the same time. This can save precious time and money in scheduling conflicts and travel time. Set an open time for SMEs and other stakeholders to review a course at their leisure and evaluate the course before it is published or visible. You can do this by adding them to the course as learners and then erasing their course transcript when you make the course visible.

Other tools can also be utilized with the feedback tool. Remote clickers can be used to visualize anonymous responses and feedback in real time.