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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Images and Alternative Text

The meaning contained in images (drawings, photographs, diagrams, maps, charts, etc.) must be conveyed to assistive technology users who do not see those images. Alternative text is added to the images to describe the meaning of the image located in a certain context.

Totara requires you to insert alternative text for images, unless the image is purely decorative. If you check that the image is purely decorative and has no meaning, screen readers will skip over this content.

image alt text and size change dialogue
Complex images, such as a diagram of the circulatory system or chart about economic trends, require longer descriptions than are generally put in surrounding text. These images should have brief alternative text tag and a paragraph below them that more fully discusses the meaning conveyed in the image. See the DIAGRAM Center for more extensive information on making complex images accessible.

To add alt text to an image:

  1. Select the picture insert button.
    Screenshot of HTML text toolbar with add picture button circled
  2. Select browse repositories. 
     Screenshot of add picture dialogue with browse repositories section circled
  3. Select your file and name it if necessary.
    Screenshot of add picture dialogue with select file section circled
  4. Select a proper size (this can be adjusted at any time).
     Screenshot of add picture dialogue with size change section circled
  5. Write a description (this is the Alt text that describes the image).
     Screenshot of add picture dialogue with add description section circled