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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Managers – How to View Your Team

As a manager, you are granted a system-wide role of Staff Manager. With this role you can be assigned reports that we customize for your needs as well as do some quick checks on your team using embedded reports.

From the Team item in the main menu you will get a quick look at a few standard points of data as well as active links to all your teams profiles, bookings, and records.

Screenshot of the dashboard with my team link in menu bar circled
From the Team page you can quickly search a user. You can sort based on: Last login, name, number of courses started, number of courses completed or position.

span class=”confluence-embedded-file-wrapper image-center-wrapper confluence-embedded-manual-size”>Screenshot of the my team report with filterable links on top of table circled
Below each user’s name in this list you can view their bookings and approve their enrollment in face-to-face classes, if that is necessary. You can also see their transcript for any course and their progress by selecting the Report link below their name.

Screenshot of reports only showing a single user with links to user specific links circled
To exit and go back to your LMS homepage select the dashboard link or click the DHS Learning icon at the top of the page.

Screenshot of the site logo dashboard link circled