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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Account Managment

Your account in the DHS LMS is like an account on any other website. You can adjust the way that you receive notifications and add a picture to your profile and check out what you have completed on the site. There is information about you stored and tracked, but the unique thing about this site is that is receives daily updates from HR about specific pieces of information such as who your manager is, what county you are in and what service are you work in and what your position you have.

However, there are some things that HR does not track because they are specific to your service area or they are not relevant to HR or HR tracks them in ways that aren’t easy to translate into our site across all the service areas so we need your help. There are fields like office location and role that we need you to fill out for us when you get a new account or you make a change. Sometimes your supervisor has already done it when they requested your account but if you have changed roles or offices those changes don’t get made unless you do it yourself. So thanks for taking a moment and looking at your account and making those changes.