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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Course Setup

Primarily, we will be covering Course setup and how to organize elements in the companion style guide for layout and accessibility.

The task of creating a course will be handled by the CPM Ebiz team according to your request. As with any feature in Totara, there is a wide range of options available that will affect how the elements work and interact with each other.

We have 2 phases of course creation: creation of the shell and publication.

  • Creation of the shell – we will only need to know the name of the course and what individuals need editing access to the course. All other users will not have access to the course nor will they be able to search for the course, so all stakeholders should be involved.
  • Publication phase – we will need to know who the intended audience should be as well as who should be required to take the course and who should be able to search/see the course.

There are other touch points in the process around beta reviews, accessibility, and functionality checks. The creation and publication are the most important parts for you to understand at this point.