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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Static Text

Static Text is non-editable text content that can be applied to the screen. It was included in the tool to allow you to use the same screen shot for multiple screens by changing the text of this control, rather than providing multiple screen shots.

static text control settings panel
Static Text Settings

Static Text Settings

General Settings
Accessible Name
The visual label that appears on the button.
This value is meaningful only as a label for you to identify the control. It is not displayed to the user in any way.
Controls the size of the control and position of the control on the screen.


With the control selected and focused in the Editing Canvas, you can press the right, left, up or down arrows to nudge the control one pixel in the direction pressed.

Holding the control key while pressing one of the arrows will resize the control in the direction pressed by one pixel.

Holding shift will cause the nudge or resize to scale by 10 pixels instead of 1.

The content to appear as static text. This field supports a limited set of Markdown formatting for styling text.
Font Family
Type of font used. Available options are Sans Serif, Serif and Console.
Font Size
The font size in pixels. Values can be between 10 and 18 pixels.
Font Weight
Either normal weight or bold
Font Style
Either normal or italic font.
Font Color
The hex color of the font. Clicking the swatch for the color will open a color picker dialog allowing you to choose the color visually.