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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Editing an Existing Question

IMPORTANT: If you are tracking all changes to question and keeping a record of all changes and versions of questions in storyboards, then the following steps are unnecessary as they are to maintain a record of questions in Totara. If there is no record of the old question being kept then all steps are necessary. You should only need to edit and rename the question ID.

Editing a question will require you to follow the archiving process for a question and then duplicate an existing question and edit one version. The version you edit you will give a new question name and then place into the proper category. Once this is done you will replace the question in the quiz using the edit quiz tool.

If you are only correcting a spelling or grammar error that does not change the question, answer or significantly change the context of the question or answer then it is OK to just make the edit at any time without any extra steps.

We are going to mostly repeat some steps from the removing a question section, we will not be editing the score however since the overall number of questions will not be changing.

Step 1 – Removing questions from the quiz

  1. Select the quiz that you would like to edit.
  2. From the Quiz Administration section on the Administration panel select.
  3. Select the edit quiz option with the gear.
    admin panel with edit quiz button circled
  4. Remove the appropriate question or questions using the red cross delete button.
    question with delete button circled
  5. Confirm that you would like to delete the question.
    Confirm Question deletion

Step 2 – Archiving the question

Archiving is essential because we need to keep a record of all questions that we have asked in the assessments. This is so that we have evidence of the questions if there is a learner who flags a question and contests their responses. We have a way to track what question and version of the question they were asked.

  1. Select the quiz that you would like to edit.
  2. You may need to create a category for discontinued questions if there is not one already.
    1. Go to: Administration>Quiz Administration>Question Bank>Categories
    2. Choose from the parent category as Course>Top
      add category topic category selection

      1. It is important to be constantly aware of your category when working in quizes and where you are placing questions.
        1. For CSS Assessments all questions should be in the Course category.
    3. Name the new category “Discontinued”.
      Naming the new category
  3. If/when your course already has a discontinued category then continue.
  4. Go to: Administration>Quiz Administration>Question Bank>Questions
  5. Use the select category pulldown to go to the topic your question you removed in the earlier steps.
    selecting question category from pulldown
  6. Use the check box next to the questions to mark the question that you need to move.
    checkbox next to question checked
  7. Use the “Move to” pulldown to select the discontinued category.
    Move to pulldown selecting discontinued
  8. Click the “Move to” button
  9. Your question/s should now show in the Discontinued category.

Step 3 – Duplicating, Editing and re-Categorizing the question

  1. Make note of the ID number of the question you want to edit. this is the question name.
    1. This number will be increased on the copy by one decimal point.
      1. Example: from LOC2034.4 to LOC2034.5
        Duplicate button, ID, and category circled
    2. Make your edits and save the question with the new question name/ID.
      new question made and highlighted with new name
  2. Select question as before with the check box and move to the proper topic.
  3. Go to Administration>Quiz Administration>Edit Quiz (with the gear).
  4. Find the correct topic in your quiz.
    Place the question in the correct topic and location
  5. Select the Add link.
    selecting add new question from bank
  6. Select category and question.
    selecting category and questions circled
  7. Add question
  8. If question inserts without adding a page break click the page break button to divide question to be each on a separate page.
    page divider button circled
  9. Save quiz.