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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Course Navigation

Courses should be arranged in a logical pattern. If you are using topics/sections for each day of a session, continue the pattern through the course. If you are using topics/sections for dividing content be sure there is a logical pattern.

Best practice is to outline the structure of your course or the learner path before creating the activities in Totara. Define your objectives and show them to the learner. Then use topics and Label activities to lead the learner through the course.

If you are using Restrictions, best practice is to reveal the restrictions to the users so they can understand how to navigate the course and what is required of them from activity to activity.

In the following sections we will be looking at specific best practices regarding links and external content. For a more complete guide on best practices for all activities as well as how to use each activity, please reference the Editing Trainer Activity Guide and Best Practices pages.