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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Adding a question

Step 1 – Build your question

We won’t be covering all the different question types here but just the specific workflow for CSS Assessments. Adding a question to the CSS Assessment Quiz is the same as any other quiz. The only difference for the questions is how we track the questions. The “Question name” field is reserved for the question ID we have historically used.

While building a question there are 2 style guide rules to follow.

  1. Use the “Question name” for Question ID
    question name field
  2. Always use capital letters for the “Number the choices” option
    Number the choices all caps chosen
  3. Be sure that you are placing the question into the proper question category.
    1. We always use the Course category and build the topics inside the course category and do not build inside Quiz, Program, or Category category.

Step 2 – Add your Question to the Quiz

  1. Select the quiz that you would like to edit.
  2. From the Quiz Administration section on the Administration panel select
  3. Select the edit quiz option with the gear.
     admin panel with edit quiz button circled
  4. Find the correct topic in your quiz.
    Place the question in the correct topic and location
  5. Select the Add link.
  6. Select from the dropdown “+ from question bank”
    selecting add new question from bank
  7. Select category and question.
    selecting category and questions circled
  8. Add question
  9. If question inserts without adding a page break, click the page break button to separate the question onto it’s own page.
    page divider button circled
  10. Save quiz.

Step 3 –  Correct the Score

  1. Correct the total number of marks available in the quiz after you have added your questions.
    total marks

    1. Be advised that this is not the total number of pages or the total number or questions as there may be information questions that are not worth points. Every quiz in the CSS Assessments begins with an “Information question” that is not counted for points so the count is always at least one less than the total number of questions on the quiz. but it is best to do a manual count and have a peer double check and use a storyboard or other reference as a guide.
    2. Testing is our last line of defense to catch this but it is always better to catch this now rather than later. Please take the time to count right now as the next steps and calculation will use the new number for the calculation.
  2. Calculate the passing point.
    1. If your passing percentage for the quiz is 70%, you need to enter the point value not the percentage in the quiz settings.
    2. The “Overall Feedback” “Grade Boundaries” in your quiz settings are based on percentages and will not change since they are based on percentages. You will need to change the “grade to pass value” in the “Grade” section of “Quiz Settings”.
  3. Change your Grade to Pass.
    1. Go to: Administration>Quiz Administration>Edit Setting
      Quiz edit settings circled
    2. Change the value to the appropriate whole point in the field provided.
      1. There is no partial credit in the CSS Assessments so only whole values count. Use standard rounding practice.
         Grace section of Quiz section with grade to pass circled
  4. Save settings.

Step 4 – Change Course Completion Settings

After changing the quiz grade it is also necessary to change the course completion settings so that learners can earn completion credit for the course and not just get their certificate and pass the quiz.

Because editing this can effect all enrolled learners it is essential that you check with the help desk to ensure that all learners have had their completions archived and locked so that adjusting this criteria will not remove a completion or add a completion to a learner.

  1. Go to: Administration>Course Administration>Course Completion
    Course Completion circled in Administration panel
  2. Check the “Unlock criteria without deleting” button
     editing course completions with unlock criteria without deleting button circled
  3. Navigate to the grade “Condition: Course grade” section
  4. Enter your new calculated grade in the “Required course grade” field
     Condition Course Grade