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LMS User's Guide version 10.1

Understanding Courses

Courses in the LMS are a collection of activities. these activities can be simple pages of information or feedback surveys, or they can be seminars that you attend or they may be online courses that you take in the form of online segments we call SCORM packages or resources such as videos and reading materials. There may be courses that contain only one activity or a combination of all of these.
We have hundreds of courses in the LMS and depending on your service area you may only have access to a specific portion of those courses. Most of us share access to courses that are required by all employees and there are other courses that are only relevant to your service area or your role in your service area an may have no real benefit to other learners.

You will have some courses that are visible to you because they are helpful to your development and may be good for professional development. Some courses you are actually pre-enrolled in because they are required. And there are a handful of courses that will be annually certified courses that you will see appear every year as they will need to be taken on a regular basis as there are policies may change or we are obligated to stay current on the material and certify that we have trained in the material every year or when our contract states.

We will discuss the details of the different types of enrollment in later sections.

A course can be part of a program that is a way of assigning a group of courses with a specific structure or set of requirements or prerequisites. These courses may be a group of multiple courses that you need to complete before you can move on before you have access to the next set of courses or you may have to have a trainer approval before your progress can continue.