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Office Location Guide

Why is Office Location important?

Office location is used by training facilitators to determine when lodging is needed for a training. If the correct office location is not selected in a user’s profile, it could cause the worker to receive a lodging reservation that is not long enough or no lodging at all. Office location is a self-report field in the LMS and it is the responsibility of the employee to ensure the correct location is selected.

How do I update my office location?

You can reach your profile by selecting your name in the menu bar at the upper right of the screen. In the drop-down select the Profile option.

Profile menu option highlighted in menu

In the user profile section, you can select Edit profile to enter an edit mode that allows you to edit any customizable feature of your profile.

Edit button selected on profile information menu

The edit profile page will have a section labeled DHS Specific. The office location drop-down is located in the DHS Specific section. Select the appropriate office location from the menu. Once the office location is listed correctly, click the Update profile button at the bottom of the page.

Office location drop down menu and save changed button highlighted

Which office location should I select?

Most divisions can select their office location from the numbered office locations listed. However, Child Support workers and workers housed at the state office have specific office locations to choose from. In the office location drop down menu there are offices with CSS listed in the title. Child Support workers will need to select the CSS specific office locations.

Child Support options in drop down menu

Similarly, there are STO office locations for each specific division. Workers located at state office will need to select the appropriate division’s STO location.

State office locations available in drop down menu