Totara Dashboard

Totara LMS

Totara Learning Management System (LMS) is tailored for the working professional and addresses the core requirements expected of a high-end corporate LMS. The Center for Public Management (CPM) utilizes Totara to deliver hundreds of synchronous and asynchronous courses and quizzes for several state agencies.

Blended Learning

As well as eLearning, you can manage a full range of offline activities such as classroom, group activities and assignments.


A crucial element for organizations who have a varied workforce, Totara LMS canb e used on mobile devices.


Evalute the progress of your learners with powerful built-in quiz engine, user polls or formal assignments submissions.


Totara includes a variety of different reporting functions and options such as creating custom reports in the builder tool from scratch or modifying a set of pre-built reports.

Woman taking a totara course