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Work stoppage number for Alfheim login trouble

The work stoppage phone number is 405-521-6166. Please be sure to save this number to your work cell and an alternate device.

If time allows before you call, it is recommended that you first test whether your attempts to log in to Alfheim are failing due to your SATTRN or DHS credentials. To test your credentials, read the following instructions.

  1. Test for SATTRN: If your All-in-One or laptop is working and able to connect to the internet, open your browser and go to, then log in with your SATTRN credentials. This should open the window shown below. If this window appears, then your SATTRN credentials are working.
Work Resources window with DHS remote desktop login
  1. Test for DHS: For help with this, go to Alfheim login trouble: Determining if a password issue is SATTRN or DHS and scroll down to the section titled “Test for DHS.”
  1. If the Work Resources Screen displays the message “The user name or password that you entered is not valid” (as shown below), try entering your credentials again to make sure you have entered them correctly.
Error message: The user name of password that you entered is not valid. Try typing it again.
  1. If this message continues to appear and you’ve confirmed that you are typing in your credentials correctly, call the work stoppage phone number at 405-521-6166 to be connected to someone who can help reset your SATTRN password.

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