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How to Find Your Computer Name

If you are experiencing trouble with your physical computer or your virtual desktop, such as Alfheim, it is helpful to support staff to provide your computer’s name.

The easiest method is to start by opening your File Explorer from the toolbar on the desktop.

File Explorer highlighted in the toolbar on the desktop

Next, right click on This PC.

arrow pointing to This PC in the list on the left when opening the File Explorer

Click on Properties at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

After right-clicking This PC, Properties is highlighted at the bottom of the drop down list.

Next to Device Name, you will find the computer’s name.

Under Device Specifications, Device Name is highlighted.

Locating the computer name can also be done inside Alfheim or a virtual desktop, if required for troubleshooting. For example, your physical computer name and your Alfheim computer name are different but can be found using the same method.

Below is an example of the computer name in Alfheim.

In Alfheim, under Device Specifications, Device Name is highlighted.