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Applications on TCIT Gateway Collection 1

Applications on TCITGateway Collection 1 have been updated, and the change will take effect next time users log off and back in. Users on the old version will get the update this evening around 9pm when the server reboots.

The largest change is Microsoft Office 365 has been installed.

  • You will be prompted to sign into office applications and MS teams when you sign in or open a program.
    • This sign in prompt will default to “”, you will need to click “Use another account to sign up”, then enter your OU or DHS 365 login and continue signing in. 
Signing into MS Teams with "Use another account or sign up" circled.
  • You may see an error saying “sorry another account from your organization is already signed in” when you try to open an office application.  
    • To resolve this: sign-out of MS Teams and close it. Reopen an office application and sign in there. Please contact TCSupport if this does not work, or you need assistance. This experience may vary depending on your existing settings.
  • For several users we have also needed to sign out of MS Office, so here are the updated steps:
    • Open MS Teams in TCITGateway. Click your initials in the top-right and sign out. Close teams
    • Open an office application like MS Word. Click “Account” in the left pane and sign out. Close Office.
    • Reopen an Office application. You should get the login prompt immediately. Sign in there.
  • MS Visio and Project are installed; however, you must have a license for them assigned to your 365 account you sign in with. You will receive an error saying “Account Issue” if you do not have a license. TCSupport can help you get a license if it is needed.
  • MS Outlook now seems to be working reliably, hopefully this will resolve Outlook-not-opening issues for everyone. Experience may vary depending on your existing settings.
  • Several Adobe applications and Articulate have been updated.