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Logging Into Storyline 360

From Online

Sign in to Articulate 360 online.

articulate login pulled up in google search

A window or tab will open for you to sign in with your email address. Enter your email and click Continue.

articulate sign in

Enter your password and click Sign In. Check the box for “Remember me” if you want Articulate to remember your email.

articulate sign in: enter password

Your Dashboard will appear. Rise 360 can be accessed online in the Dashboard, but Storyline is an app and will need to be downloaded to a Windows computer.

Articulate dashboard with the area to download desktop apps highlighted

After downloading the apps, launch Articulate 360. You should have Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, and Peek 360.

desktop apps launched

From VDI (Virtual Desktop)

If you are using a VDI to login to a virtual Storyline app, go to TCIT Gateway.

TCIT Gateway

Log in with your SATTRN credentials:



Then, click Sign In.

TCIT Remote Access will bring up a list of folders and apps. Yours may not look the same as the one pictured. However, if you have VDI Storyline access, you will have a folder labeled Articulate. Click on the folder.

Folders and Apps in TCIT Gateway. Clicking on the Articulate app

When the folder opens, click on the icon for Articulate Storyline 360. It will send an RDP file to your downloads.

Clicking on the Storyline app inside the Articulate folder

Open the downloaded RDP file.

Downloading the RDP file to my computer

It may prompt you to ask if you trust the RemoteApp program and want to connect. Click Connect.

Remote app prompt asking if I want to connect

You will have to enter your SATTRN password once again.

Entering SATTRN credentials again

When the “Welcome to the SATTRN LAN” window opens, click OK.

SATTRN LAN window open. Click OK.

If you have not signed into Storyline, it may redirect you to sign in online with your Storyline credentials. Then, Storyline will launch. 

Web redirect to sign in to Articulate 360 online before launching the remote desktop app.

From Desktop

Option 1: Open Start Menu and search for Articulate.

Start Menu with Articulate Storyline 360 selected.

Click Articulate Storyline 360 to launch Storyline.

Option 2: Menu Bar

Open the Menu Bar and click on the Articulate icon to launch the Storyline desktop apps.

Menu bar showing articulate icon

Option 3: Desktop App Shortcut

Click on the Articulate icon on your desktop and launch the desktop apps.

desktop icon for Articulate 360

The launched apps on the desktop look like this. Click Open next to Storyline to launch Storyline.

articulate launched desktop apps