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Adobe Acrobat DC – Signing in with a free Adobe account

This guide will walk you through creating a free Adobe account, and then signing into an Adobe Acrobat DC “Lab Install” as is found on TCIT services such as Alfheim and TCITGateway Collection 1.

Here are some basic guidelines for which parts of this guide are relevant to you.

  1. If you are employed by OU or by its PEAK department, you already have an account, and you can use this already existing account to sign into Adobe Acrobat DC.  You can proceed to the “Signing into Adobe Acrobat DC” portion of this guide.  If you have trouble using your OU account, feel free to use other email addresses.  The goal is just to sign in, the account is not used for anything else outside Adobe.
  2. If you are employed by anyone else such as OKDHS, or Robert Half, you will need to follow the steps below to create an Adobe account with whichever personal or OKDHS account you have available.

There is no cost to creating an Adobe account, our only goal here is to “sign in” to Adobe.

Creating a free Adobe account

  1. Navigate to this web portal (or and select “Sign in” in the top right).
Adobe web portal sign in page with "Create an account" highlighted.
  1. Select “Create an account”
  2. Enter in an email address and your other information. 
    • This email address can be a personal address like gmail or a work email such as
    • Remember the password as you will need this later.
    • Once complete, click “Create account”.
  3. You should see a page like this with a blue orb in the top right.  Your account is now created!
Expanded blue orb in top corner showing the user is logged in by displaying the name and email on the account.

Signing into Adobe Acrobat DC

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC
List of programs in Windows start menu with Adobe Acrobat DC highlighted.
  1. When you first open Adobe Acrobat DC, if you are not signed in yet, you will see the following login prompt.
Sign in prompt after opening Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Enter your Adobe account’s email address and click “Continue”.
  1. Enter your Adobe accounts password in the next screen.
Enter password prompt during sign in
  1. You may be prompted to enter a phone number, click “Not Now”.
Add a mobile phone number prompt during sign in
  1. You may be prompted to verify your identity.  In this case, you will receive an email (at the address of the account) with a verification code.  Retrieve the code from your inbox and enter it in this window.
example of a verification code email
example of entering the verification code in the Adobe sign on process
  1. Once confirmed, Adobe Acrobat DC should open and be ready to use!  You can confirm who you are signed in as by clicking on the “Help” menu.
Help menu expanded
  1. If you are prompted to “Make Acrobat the default PDF application”, we recommend:
    • Check “Do not show this message again”
    • And click “NO”
Make Acrobat the default PDF application pop up window
  • This is not critical; we have a separate guide for setting the default PDF application using windows. 
  • Below is an animated GIF showing the process of setting the default PDF reader.  Press play in the center to view the animation.
GIF showing process of how to set Adobe Acrobat DC as the default application for opening PDFs. Right click on a PDF. Open with Choose Another App. Scroll down to Adobe Acrobat DC. Select "Always use this app to open .PDF files." Click OK.