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Technology Knowledge Base

How to sign in to VDI

  1. Start at the main OU desktop screen
  2. Select the Alfheim-OKDHS icon. Most people will double-click the icon to select it
  3. Select “More choices” at the bottom of the pop-up box
  4. Click “Use a different account”
  5. Type in your SATTRN username and password
  6. Click “OK”
  7. After processing, an alert pop-up will appear saying “Your credentials did not work.” Click “More Choices”
  8. Click “Use a Different Account”
  9. Enter your OKDHS credentials by typing “okdhs\u#####” using your uNumber instead of u##### in the top box, followed by your OKDHS password in the bottom box
  10. Click “OK”
  11. When the blue “Warning” screen appears, read the text if you have not already done so and click “OK”
  12. After the green desktop appears, click on the “CPM Resources” folder
  13. Open the “ESC” folder
  14. Open the file named “ESR View.accdb”