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Locating Icons

Once you receive your Zscaler machine, if your iCE shows the message “Not Secure”, then follow the directions below.

  1. Go to Internet Explorer
  2. Should open directly to InfoNet SharePoint
  3. Go to Search in center of screen
  4. Type in iCE
  5. Locate iCE:   Click on DHS Internal Links
  6. Scroll down the Digital Pathways screen to iCE
  7. Click on iCE in blue font, underlined
  8. Once iCE opens, In white area of screen, right click and select Create Shortcut
  9. Select Yes in popup box

*NOTE:  If the desktop icon has Microsoft Edge logo, need to change web browser default to Internet Explorer.

iCE only works with Internet Explorer or IE Mode (instructions also in forms – technical solving).

iCE – if receiving below error message of “Not Secure”, then right click on ICE Icon, left click on properties, then make sure “https:” is there. 

iCE with Not Secure message in browser window