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Setting a Start Page

Adapt courses typicaly display the Menu as the first view of the course. This is by-design and provides the learner with an overview of the course’s content and an idea of how long they might spend in the course.

However, there are times when you want the learner to begin the course with a brief introduction. You can achieve this by setting a Start Page that will be shown when the course launches instead of the Menu.

The Start Page can be hidden once the user completes the Page content — creating what is traditionally known at CPM as a “Module 0.” You can also remove the Page from the Menu, which is especially useful for one-page courses where a Menu is unnecessary.

Configuring Start Settings

Before you begin, you will need the ID of the page you want to be your Start Page.

Begin by opening the course, then:

  1. From the Menu Editor screen, select Project Settings from the Sidebar.
  2. Locate the Start settings (about a third of the way down the page).
  3. Check the field Enabled to enable the Start Page settings.
  4. Click the Add button. Dialog will slide-out from the right of the screen.
  5. Paste the Page ID into the ID field.
  6. If you want the Start Page to be displayed only the first time the user launches the course, check the Skip if complete checkbox.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Save your changes by clicking the Save button in the sidebar.
Start page ID is listed under start list
Start Page fully configured

Removing the Page from the Menu

editing page, is this available is unchecked and highlighted
Page removed from the menu

If you’d like to remove the page from the menu:

  1. Edit the Page by double-clicking it’s block on the Menu Editor.
  2. Double-click the Page title block to access Page Settings.
  3. Locate the Settings section (a little more than half-way down the page).
  4. Uncheck the Is this available checkbox.
  5. Save your changes by clicking the Save button in the sidebar.