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September Update

September’s almost over and the weather is beautiful (for now, right?). It’s been a busy month and it’s time catch everyone up on the changes that have happened in Adapt in the past month.

New Theme: Cerulean Material

We’ve got a new blue theme, Cerulean Material, now available for use. The theme uses a design aesthetic loosely based on Google’s Material Design and adds some striking-but-subtle radial gradients everywhere it’s possible to have gradients.

This theme was commissioned by the OK Fosters folks at the tail-end of August. But don’t let that stop you: Like all themes in Adapt, it’s available for everyone to use in their courses.

New Menu: List Menu

A new menu drops in this update, the List Menu. This menu won’t be for everyone, as it is very minimalist: Just a simple list of titles. User’s can see your page description and image when they click the information icon, but otherwise it’s out of the way.  This menu is highly suited to courses that need to be mobile first.

Updated Feedback Design

At the request of the CPM Instructional Design group (with some discussion with other users), we’ve updated all question feedback to utilize a color-coded dialog title bar and border to indicate correct or incorrect feedback. Partially correct feedback is very similar to the incorrect feedback, with a slight shift in color from red to red-orange.

Because the color of the dialogs changed, we took this opportunity to revamp the appearance so that the dialog messages in Adapt look like dialogs. This was primarily done so that dialogs were easier to read.

Component Update: Carousel

The Carousel component received an update to make the navigation buttons more visible and to give them the same appearance as those in the Narrative component. This had been a planned change, but included it in this month’s update at the request of one of our Course Creators.

Update Your In-Progress Courses

There were around 40 or so other minor changes to the themes and components this month. To see the update for any these changes in your courses, be sure to perform a full rebuild of your course. If you find any issues with the latest updates, please let us know in the Slack Channel!

New Articles

Positioning Pins in the Hot Graphic
An advanced technique for helping you easily position the pins in a Hot Graphic.

Have an Idea?

If you have an idea for a new component, extension, menu or just wonder if something’s possible, let us know. The best time to catch us is during Q&A hours from 10am to 11am Monday-Thursday.

Thanks everyone! See you next month!