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August Update

Just because we launched doesn’t mean we’re done. We’ve been patching little things here and there and watching Adapt Core for updates. We also promised to continue building in new functionality — one component, extension, menu or theme per month.

New Component

This month’s new component is a much asked for extension, Graphic Headers. This extension can be added to any course by clicking Manage extensions and then clicking Add next to the Graphic Headers item.

This extension, unsurprisingly, adds the ability to insert a custom background into the header section to your pages or submenus as well as the main menu itself. Like Parallax Articles, you can also force the header to be the same size as the browser window. In addition, this component also allows you to add a logo to the header that will appear just above the title.

This component required an update to all themes and menus so be sure to perform a full rebuild of your course before you attempt to use the features.

New Functionality

Parallax Articles has a new feature that on the surface is pretty underwhelming: You can now provide a small caption that sticks to the bottom of the article when it’s forced to Full Screen. Unfortunately, it can’t be used when the article or block has any text, titles or components except for the Blank component. Pretty boring, right?

However, it does enable a technique that can be visually stunning: Full Screen Stories. The idea is to create a series of parallax images with a very short caption that tell a story in pictures as the user scrolls the course. The blog post has the full details on how to put it together — be sure to read the full post as there are some serious side effects to using the technique incorrectly.

If you would like to see the technique in action yourself in the Adapt Demo Course found in the Shared Courses. Once you preview the course, navigate to the main menu, then select “Special Techniques.” Once on that submenu, view “Full Screen Stories” page. Feel free to look at how the page is put together, but as always don’t edit the settings.

Have an Idea?

If you have an idea for a new component, extension, menu or just wonder if something’s possible, let us know. The best time to catch us is during Q&A hours from 10am to 11am Monday-Thursday.

Thanks everyone and have a great week!