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Adapt Update

Just a few minor updates this month:

  • Adapt Authoring launched on the 15th of this month. There were several kickoff meetings held on the 19th and 24th. Everyone who will be using the system should now have a login and permissions to use the authoring tool.
  • The Adapt User’s Guide was updated for version 0.5.0 which launched at the same time.
  • The new theme Citrus Material has just left beta and is available for all users. However, the theme was built to Child Welfare’s request as they intend it to be used for their new CORE content.
  • There is a pending update to the Card component, fixing a label which incorrectly lists “Front” instead of “Back” in the component editor.  This update should be applied the 2nd week of August.
  • The Adapt Beta instance has been shut down. All access has been removed and the server itself will be decommissioned shortly.

Thanks everyone!