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Helpful tips and tricks for using the Adapt Authoring software, from the developers and Adapt experts. New articles drop every week.

April Update

During the beginning of this year, Adapt hasn’t had a lot of updates outside of bug fixes. In April that changed, and changed in a big way. 12 new themes Today we’re launching a series of new themes I’m calling “boxed” due to the design of the centered box that all content lives in. I […]


September Update

September’s almost over and the weather is beautiful (for now, right?). It’s been a busy month and it’s time catch everyone up on the changes that have happened in Adapt in the past month. New Theme: Cerulean Material We’ve got a new blue theme,¬†Cerulean Material, now available for use. The theme uses a design aesthetic […]


Positioning Pins in the Hot Graphic

For all the polish found in the Adapt Authoring interface, there are a few spots that expose the underlying HTML, CSS and JavaScript. None of these is quite so obvious as the pins in the Hot Graphic component.¬† This article will give you a handy technique for quickly positioning the pins. Keep in mind that […]