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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Extending Behaviors

Adapt courses obtain much of their unique functionality utilizing Plugins, that is, optional features that plug-in to the core Adapt Framework.

Themes alter the appearance of the course as a whole. In general they alter the color scheme and mood of the course. Some themes can radically alter the appearance and behavior of the course.

Menus alter the appearance and behavior of the menu pages but will conform to the colors created within the theme.

Finally, Extensions extend the functionality of one of the elements of the Adapt content model: Pages, Articles, Blocks or the course as a whole. Some examples of extensions are:

SpoorCourse — Allows your course to communicate with an LMS using SCORM 1.2.
Page-Level ProgressPage — Creates a page menu that displays the current completion status for each component.
ParallaxArticles — Allows articles to have solid color and image backgrounds with parallax effects.
GridBlocks — Allows blocks to adjust the size of their columns.
TutorComponent — Provides feedback dialogs for interactions.

Each extension has a complete documentation within this guide. We’ll discuss extensions (including required and recommended extensions for a basic course) in greater detail when you create your first course.