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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Orange Boxed

Orange Boxed Palette
Download Orange Boxed Palette

The Orange Boxed is a basic Adapt theme with Parallax Articles support and meets WCAG 2.1 AA color contrast. The “Boxed” indicates that at desktop resolutions the content is “boxed” creating a slightly different look for the course.

There are no custom classes added to the theme.

You can download the color pallet (click the image to the right to download) to incorporate the colors into your graphics. The top row of colors are the base theme colors and the lower row of colors are used as accents and for success/failure messaging.

No Graphic Headers

Graphic headers may not render properly on boxed themes

No Article or Block Text

Article and Block text are not supported in ‘boxed’ themes. All body text must be within a component. In addition, some block titles may not function as expected in other fluid themes.

Parallax Articles

When using the Parallax Articles extension, these color combinations are used for the background and text and will override any general theme settings. This theme contains subtle gradients rather than solid colors.


Foreground: #000
Background: #fb8c00


Foreground: #000
Background: #ffb252


Foreground: #fff
Background: #7b4500


Foreground: #fff
Background: #2E2130