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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5


No Longer Maintained

The Lamplight theme was an initial experiment in opinionated bitmap themes and was never intended to be used in a production setting. Many of the techniques were broken by Adapt 4.5. As such, this theme is no longer maintained.

Lamplight is an opinionated theme — meaning there will be content that may not be suitable for use in this theme. For example: Longer titles in accordions, buttons or tabs. The color palette is more complex than a standard theme and cannot be fully represented in a single swatch.

The best way to see if Lamplight is for you is to try it out.

Parallax Articles

When using the Parallax Articles extension, these color combinations are used for the background and text and will override any general theme settings.


Foreground: #000
Background: #b59d75


Foreground: #000
Background: #e3d2b4


Foreground: #fff
Background: #3c2312


Foreground: #fff
Background: #102a2b