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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5


For more information on a specific theme, please choose a theme by it’s name from the menu at the left.

Themes are the core styles that are applied to all components in a course. You can choose your theme by selecting Theme Picker from the sidebar within your course.

Themes in Adapt are typically unopinionated — that is, they typically feature a default color scheme, but depend on the author to add images (using extensions or components). Unopinionated themes are extremely flexible, and allow you to use them any way you want. In the OUCPM Adapt implementation, these themes are given a generic name (typically an ice cream or food name).

There are a few themes considered opinionated: They have a highly specific graphic styles and often completely revamp the components. These themes typically have names that are associated with a concept or work area.

Opinionated themes generally look good with very little effort. But because of the specific code and image effects involved in pulling off some of the more outlandish effects, Opinionated themes are less flexible.

As a contrived example, the Lamplight theme will only allow one line of text in an Accordion header to allow for the gear effect. However, Mocha (an unopinionated theme) will allow you to place as much text in the accordion header as you can type.

Custom Themes

The development team supporting Adapt can create custom themes for your courses. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Themes should be generic enough to be reused by anyone. Themes in Adapt are shared — any theme created will be available to everyone.
  • Unopinionated themes are very fast, typically only a week in development.
  • Opinionated themes are extremely difficult to create and involve multiple groups working together to create the theme. The minimum lead time for an opinionated theme is one month.

If you need a theme for your course, please coordinate the development effort with eBusiness Project Management before you begin your course.