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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Adapt Inspector

Adapt Inspector Active
Adapt Inspector

The Adapt Alt-Text Inspector is a Chrome Extension that reveals the alternative text for any graphic Component in the Adapt Authoring Preview.


Installation is fairly easy but does require that you enable a few advanced features in Chrome. Installing the component may require administrator privileges for your machine. To Install the extension:

1. Download the Extension adapt-alt.crx.

2. Enter the following URL in to the address bar: chrome://extensions/

3. Enable “Developer Mode” by clicking the toggle at the top-right of this screen. You’ll notice your other extensions on this screen should change slightly, revealing additional options.


Add Extension Dialog4. Drag the adapt-alt.crx file to the extensions window and drop it.

5. When the dialog appears, click “Add Extension”


How to use the Extension

Using the extension is much easier than installing it. After installation you will find a new Adapt icon to the right of the address bar. When your active tab is any other web page, the icon will appear gray and inactive. However, when your active tab is an Adapt Authoring Preview the icon will turn blue, indicating that it can now be used.

Clicking the icon will reveal the alternative text on the page in green “flags” above each graphic element. If the tool expected to find alt text and it was not available, the flag will turn red and will read “No Alt Text.”

When you navigate away from the current Adapt page or menu, the Extension will remove the flags until you click the icon again.

Note that the component does not work on a live course in Totara — this only works in the Adapt Authoring Preview.